RM2M   sells all kinds of weighing equipment for loads from 10 g to 400 t (to 100 t in OIML) : scales, pallet trucks, hooks, etc…
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The    electronic    hanging    scale    is    a    device    that    allows    weighing    by transforming   a   traction   force   into   an   electrical   signal   and   then   into   a   load indication.    It    consists    of    4    resistors    arranged    to    form    a    strain    gauge (Wheatstone   bridge).   If   the   latter   is   crossed   by   an   electric   current   and   the load   cell   is   subjected   to   no   effort,   the   bridge   is   at   equilibrium   with   an   output voltage   equal   to   0V.   On   the   other   hand,   when   a   force   is   applied   to   it,   the electrical   resistance   of   the   strain   gauge   is   modified   by   the   deformation, which   induces   a   voltage   proportional   to   this   deformation.   It   is   thus   possible to   determine   the   effort   exerted   by   the   load   cell   and   to   indicate   via   an electronic card the value of the load on the display. Standard   models   are   used   as   load   indicators   and   OIML   models,   which   are more   accurate   and   certified,   allow   commercial   transactions.   These   devices are,   among   others:   Scales,   Scales,   Mittens   and   pallet   trucks   weighers, load   limiters,   etc   ...   The   sensors   have   different   forms   and   the   load   reading can be done on an external display, on a remote control or on a computer.

The hanging scale is a kind of balance, also called a dynamometer that measures forces,

weights or loads. It is often suspended under a hoist or overhead crane.


de 0.2 kg à 400 T